Georgetown University is a leading academic and research institution that offers a unique educational experience in Washington D.C. In an effort to better serve students, the Chief Operating Officer of Georgetown saw engagement as an essential component for academic improvement. And, in order to make innovative discussion even more accessible to a broader student population, Georgetown chose to introduce a virtual IdeaScale community to further enrich the discussion.

What’s Inside

Learn how

  • Georgetown garnered student interest in its initial promotion
  • Students and staff were able to save Georgetown money in their first year
  • The community improved university efficiencies and offerings

“The simplicity of the IdeaScale platform truly lowered the barriers to participation. We enjoyed high levels of engagement and one of the reasons for this was because the solution was so intuitive for members to use.” –┬áZ. Michael Wang,┬áProgram Manager for New Media Strategy & Digital Partnerships, Georgetown University

Georgetown University