In August of 2013, the Mayor’s Innovation Delivery Team issued a call to all city employees for new ideas on how the city could reduce waste, cut red tape and save money on operations. Those city employees that participated by sharing their expert suggestions with upper management were rewarded for their contributions. The program was hosted on innovation platform, IdeaScale.

What’s Inside

Learn how the City of Atlanta

  • Launched a city-wide campaign involving all Atlanta city employees
  • Sorted through more than 370 ideas to source those with the most value
  • Flagged six ideas for implementation – the top three ideas alone amounted to a potential savings of $7.1 million annually.

“IdeaScale was able to deliver impressive results. We gathered a wonderful wealth of new ideas about how to improve our city, but also saw inspired ideas for how to enhance programs that we have now.” – Ric Geyer, Program Officer for Innovation Delivery Team, City of Atlanta

City of Atlanta