Why Process Efficiency Is Integral to Business

process efficiencySometimes in the business world, it’s all about the money.

Other times in the business world, it’s all about the efficiency.

In fact, those two things are related. Because as we’ve all been told, time is money, and efficiency equals time. When organizations are working towards particular financial goals, it can be difficult to think about taking the time to consider what processes could work better in order to increase efficiency. However, as a company that is specifically geared towards safety and protection, Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) found it important to do just that.

Founded in 1914, MSA is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Recently, they took stock of responses from an employee engagement survey, and discovered that there were any number of inefficiencies and bureaucratic red tape which were preventing employees from quickly solving problems that they encountered. Realizing that more time could be spent on the job of developing and supplying safety products if these processes were streamlined, the MSA created a community using IdeaScale technology. The program was called [email protected] (WTF standing for “What to Fix,” of course) and encouraged employees to submit their ideas. One of the biggest focuses of the MSA was on keeping the initiative transparent, open and easy.

The massive, widespread participation and the staggering number of participators—leading to an almost unheard of 99 percent participation—proves exactly how much a program like [email protected] was needed. The program crowdsourced 50 ideas, generated hundreds of comments and recorded 4,000 votes from 700 pilot users. And this was over only a four-week period!

Three of these ideas were elevated for evaluation, but Douglas McClaine, Senior Vice President, Secretary and Chief Legal Officer at MSA believes this program is exactly what MSA needed “at a time when we want to drive innovation and outside-the-box thinking.”

To find out more about MSA and their [email protected] program, click here to download the recent case study.

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