Why Innovation Is A Workplace Benefit

Innovation brings out the best in every team member.

Innovation is often looked at as an organizational benefit. But there’s far more to innovation than just improving a company’s bottom line or pushing a product line further. Innovation is a powerful workplace benefit that bolsters your team, not just your products.

Innovation Inspires

To start with, innovation engages employees in ways that bring out the best in them. When workers are surveyed about what frustrates them in the workplace, what you often see, over and over, is a sense that they’re not using all parts of their intellect. If you stop and think about it, companies across the world have the best educated, most intelligent, and most informed workforce in human history. It’s a vast, and often untapped, reservoir of potential, and too often we only see a few facets of each gem that are the members of our teams.

Innovation strategy allows you to reach into that reservoir and engage the team on a deeper level. One of the most common responses a team member offers when they bring in a brilliant idea out of nowhere is that they’ve had this idea for years, but nobody ever bothered to ask them. So ask, and you might be surprised by the answer.

Innovation Contributes

One of the fundamental problems any company faces is that it can be difficult for some workers to see how they contribute to a company’s successes. It’s one thing if you work in research or design, but quite another if you work in accounting or HR. In some cases, of course, success has a tangible, visible benefit on the world, but in others, what the company does and its achievements are more abstract and difficult to find the rewards in.

Innovation opens up new vistas.

Innovation allows employees to invest more of themselves in the company. If an employee has an idea, the company implements it, and they see a tangible benefit, whether it’s less paperwork to get things done or a refinement that leads to enormous positive customer feedback, your team feels like it’s genuinely contributing something, not just collecting a paycheck.

Innovation Invests

That sense of connection is crucial in another respect. It can be tough for any company to keep members of the team who don’t feel invested in the company they work for, and who think the company doesn’t care about them or their ideas. Innovation strategy lets you address that directly, by letting your team invest in your company not just financially with a 401(k) or a stock plan, but with their ideas and emotions. If they have the ability to point to a feature, or a product, or an aspect of the company, and say “I came up with that, isn’t that cool?”, it gives them a richer, more rewarding connection to the work that they do and who they do it for.

Innovation does much more than just lead to a better bottom line. Innovating, and bringing your team on board for it, creates a better place to work and a team more invested in success. If you’re ready to bring out the best in your team, download Creative Rewards to Incentivize Engagement now.

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