What You Can Learn at InnovationManagement.se

innovationmanagement.seOn July 1, we launched a new partnership with InnovationManagement.se (IM), the world’s leading platform for cutting-edge innovation management content, best practices, and online training programs. IM is a great complement to the services that IdeaScale already provides, and as part of the partnership, we will now offer IM training programs to existing and future customers.

So, what can you learn at InnovationManagement.se? Almost anything and everything you might want to know. Learning through IM is split up into three main types: Article Library, Channel One, and online training programs.

IM’s Article Library contains over 3000 articles covering over 20 subcategories, including topics like open innovation, sustainability, idea management, and research. These subcategories are organized into four larger categories: Organization & Culture, Strategy, Life Cycle Processes, and Books & Research. For each topic, there are article styles ranging from more academic, long form articles to more quickly digestible numbered tips, tricks, and tools, so no matter what kind of article you are looking for, you are sure to find it.

Channel One is the video learning portion of IM, and allows for a more in-depth look at topics of innovation management and best practices, as well as introducing new concepts. Videos range from Ask the Expert Q&A’s to Expert Roundtables on a specific innovation management topic to concept presentations (including a live demo of the concept and a Q&A). You can sign up to receive updates and information about upcoming sessions and watch them live, but if you aren’t able to watch live, all sessions are recorded and archived at InnovationManagement.se. One of the best features of IM’s Channel One is the opportunity to participate and have your questions answered by experts in real time and in context with the topic at hand.

IM also offers paid online courses. These training programs are created in collaboration with professional training providers and educational institutions from around the globe. Whether you are an innovation leader hoping to develop and hone global leadership skills, or an intra-organizational team looking to accelerate innovation in growth and efficiency, IM has the program for you. They even make it easy by letting prospective students know a general overview of the content of the course, approximately how many hours a week a certain course will require, and who should enroll.

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