What Makes a Good Innovation Management Award Submission?

innovation-management-dataSubmissions are now open for the 2016 Innovation Management Awards, but how do you know if you’re a good fit and you should submit your organization? What makes a good Innovation Management Award submission?

Let’s take a glance at some of the past winners to glean if they have something in common that would be helpful for people wondering whether they should submit.

The Western Australia Police, the 2015 winner for Best Engagement, was interested in increasing quality of life, for both their police force and for citizens. They specifically endeavored to become more efficient, and by tracking the data both before and after their innovation campaign, they were able to see the enormous impact they had. During the campaign, 1,600 ideas were submitted with 4,700 users participating, over 10,000 comments, and in excess of 92,000 votes. That engagement paid off with an estimated 8,000 hours saved annually and an estimated savings of $2 million.

The 2014 winners all knew one important fact: numbers talk. With comprehensive data, Scentsy, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Energy were able to see the massive results. As a result of their campaign, Scentsy involved 153,000 users in the process, resulting in 87 product ideas being produced and implemented. The Department of Labor had three phases of engagement, with a total of nearly 100 new ideas, over 350 comments, 750 votes, and over 700 users. The Department of Energy produced 137 problem statements, engaged 1,353 votes, 179 comments, and 38 business solutions. Those numbers are able to show the results, not only with regard to the monetary bottom line, but the level of engagement, which is often a feather in the cap on its own for many organizations.

One of the most imperative elements is documentation of processes and results. It is incredibly hard to see where and how much things have improved if you have no record of what things were like before. It’s also going to be difficult to recreate success if you didn’t track the steps and methods used to achieve that success.

So: have you implemented an innovation program in the last two years? Do you have documentation about the innovation program and how it has impacted your organization? Do you have data about how many people have participated? Did you see results in a measurable impact? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should most definitely submit your organization. Click here to find out more and be sure to enter your submission before November 18.

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