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In this fast-paced hi-tech world, it’s important to know that the product your company is known for is creating satisfied customers. User feedback software allows you to do just that. In qualitative research we call this   usability testing.  Usability testing “is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users.”     It’s more organic than it sounds because it opens the door for customers to comment on your company product in the manner in which they approach it. As a designer or developer, it is difficult to envision how each type of customer experiences your product. With user feedback software, you are able to access real-time data and make necessary iterations to your product based on sound information.


The data that IdeaScale user feedback software collects is invaluable. As customers navigate your product, the user feedback software engages them by soliciting their ideas, comments, and suggestions. As your team gains more feedback the iterations you are able to produce are a direct reflection of customer needs, not what your company thinks they need. When customers repeatedly see their ideas being implemented in your design, they know they are being valued and in turn become a more loyal customer. A company that values its customers’ opinions in turn makes the customers feel valued.

Research on the Go

Closed door meetings, comment cards, and suggestion boxes are a thing of the past. Meetings result in hypotheticals, physical paper requires sorting, and emailed comments lack the visual tools to put customer feedback into action. IdeaScale can create community infographics that are available to you 24 hours a day. These popular infographics are able to render IdeaScale data in graphic, modular segments that make it easy to pinpoint the trends and challenges encountered by your customers.

End Game

According to the International Software Qualifications Testing Board (ISQTB) usability testing should accomplish these five components:

  1. Learnability: How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they encounter the design?
  2. Efficiency:How fast can experienced users accomplish tasks?
  3. Memorability:When users return to the design after a period of not using it, does the user remember enough to use it effectively the next time, or does the user have to start over again learning everything?
  4. Errors: How many errors do users make, how severe are these errors and how easily can they recover from the errors?
  5. Satisfaction: How much does the user like using the system?

With a solid understanding of user software feedback, IdeaScale can help your company to answer these questions and more by providing the tools you need to make a satisfied customer.

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