Unboxing Consumer Content

5346215615_2ba72c3a32_oAt IdeaScale, we are certainly fans of unboxing videos. It’s a trend that has arisen as part of the intense reliance on customer feedback that informs buying decisions. One I didn’t understand initially, but then when I was trying to decide which tablet to purchase, I ran across a couple that I actually found helpful.

It turns out that they are one of the most trusted methods of customer research online. It allows us to take a peek behind the curtain without all the trouble of purchasing and returning. And for brands that do well during an unboxing, it can also impact sales.

As this article suggests, most consumers expect some sort of incentive for producing custom content upon request for a brand(like an unboxing endorsement), but also suggests that brands should offer supporting materials that will help to enhance videos.  But here are some other thoughts, as well:

-Allow any materials generated by the consumer to retain their sincerity. Anything too polished and other customers will smell the agenda at hand and head right on to the next (more genuine) video.
-Brands: create a space where these pieces of content can exist, help producers to improve their SEO and respond to them thanking them for their contributions.
-Unboxers: be aware of the power of your content. If you’ve got a favorable (and truthful) good-quality video, let the brand know. It’s possible that there’s a place for your voice (and possible compensation).

What other customer created content is informing the rest of the crowd? Cow else can companies access and encourage that content?

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