Top Resources for Driving Engagement

A key goal at Open Nation this year was to share best practices and top resources for driving engagement. To prepare for Open Nation, our team collected and shared some of our favorite resources on community engagement strategies. Now, we want to share them with you:

driving engagement

Take home message: Plan for multiple touch points throughout a challenge both in terms of channel outreach and messaging

Take home message: take time to consider the nature of the engagement you want to encourage and design your incentives accordingly

Take home message: Employees who feel that they are contributing to a greater purpose are much more likely to engage

Take home message: Target Influencers; Indulge Early Adopters & Listen; Make it Useful w/o Users; Create Exclusivity, Scarcity, Urgency; Give Users Tools to Evangelize; Seed Content & Communities

Take home messages: By increasing your employees creative confidence you will energize them to be more participatory in ideation and other crowdsourcing activities.  Sponsor workshops, host Ted Talk discussions, and promote articles in company newsletters that focus on Human Centered Design.

Take home message: A successful engagement strategy should seek to to build trust with participants to leverage the deep connections people, employees, and the crowd have with each other.

Take home message: From crafting campaigns that speak to your audience, to targeted outreach strategies, and meaningful rewards, success means understanding your target audience.

At Open Nation, our speakers put a special emphasis on how they are driving engagement with their own IdeaScale communities. Amway and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation both produced short videos to drive engagement. And United Way developed a powerful email drip to convert curious visitors to idea submitters.

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