Top 5 Features in 2015

2015 top 5

And that’s a wrap on yet another year. They seem to go by so quickly, don’t they? The time moves even more swiftly when you have great tools that help to make things more efficient and accessible. With that in mind, we are wrapping up this year and ringing in 2016 by celebrating IdeaScale’s top five features of 2015.

  1. IdeaScale Stages
    IdeaScale Stages was introduced in order to help organize the innovation lifecycle into discrete phases with specific activities. By separating the cycle into phases—Ideate, Build Team, Refine, Estimate, Assess, Fund, Track Results—the whole process is much more efficient for those involved in producing ideas, and for those administrating the status of those ideas as they are evaluated and potentially implemented. Further, Stages are customizable, adding a whole other level of organization to the process.
  1. Workflow Automation
    Working in tandem with Stages, Workflow Automation allows Administrators to automatically move ideas to different Stages by setting thresholds. For example, in the Ideation phase, an Admin could set the automation to trigger any idea with five votes to move onto next stage. At the Build Team stage, the automation can be set to move on if all positions on team are filled. And so on.
  1. IdeaBuzz
    One of the most exciting new features of 2015, IdeaBuzz functions to crowdsource responses to specific challenges. Sounds pretty standard. But what isn’t standard is that participating in challenges allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice. To get started you build your profile, adding information about your individual knowledge and interests. Then you participate in challenges, bringing your particular expertise. As you participate, you earn money for a charity of your choice. There are currently 16 official charities running challenges on IdeaBuzz, and participants can even suggest charities. Studies have shown that people want to help, but aren’t always able to give money; IdeaBuzz provides a fantastic alternative to giving money out of your own pocket.
  1. Yammer Integration
    Another awesome feature this year was the Yammer integration. Yammer is a social networking site specifically for private communications in enterprise and within organizations. Now organizations can easily link IdeaScale communities to Yammer. Automatically feed recent activity back to Yammer. Yammer is already uniquely suited for crowdsourcing, with the ability to “like” ideas, and to comment and dialogue about them. Now, any activity that occurs on your IdeaScale community can automatically filter back to Yammer!
  1. Revised Admin Panel
    With the revised admin panel, things are infinitely more intuitive and efficient. Changes included a new top level section called Member Management, which combined all of the members, administrators, moderators, and groups under one heading. There is also a new page under customization for customizing site behavior. Everything is much easier to find and much more intuitively organized. Huzzah!

What were your favorite new features this year? What would you like to see new for next year?

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