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The trend continues to be towards empowering artists and empowering audiences. Only this time we’re not talking about how to crowdfund your next concert tour on Kickstarter, but (perhaps more importantly) how to crowdsource an audience for your next book tour

The tool is called Togather and it’s still in its nascent stages, but the crowd can really help Togather grow if they start coming on board and requesting their favorite authors.

This is how it works:

-Authors publish a profile with their availability.
-Interested fans send proposals for readings or events that can be approved or denied by the author.
-Fans promote the event through their networks.
-Events are only confirmed when enough people reserve books, tickets, or RSVPs.

I am immediately a fan of Togather for a few reasons:

-It’s free for authors to use and Togather only collects a 5% fee from online ticket sales.
-An event only takes place (gets “turned on” in Togather speek) when it meets certain minimums (whatever minimums the author outlines). Which means no more depressingly vacant bookstore readings. Much like Kickstarter, if a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, it doesn’t happen. If an event doesn’t reach its attendance goal, it doesn’t happen.
-Anyone can sign-up as an author and use it as a platform no matter how small or large the press that released their publication and it’s just one more way for the publication to gain momentum organically.

Who would you invite to your city? What other artistic mediums would benefit from the Togather model?

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