To Build or To Buy (Innovation Software): That is the Question

166300185_b65024d5ee_oEvery seasoned salesman has had this question posed to him on a semi-regular basis, “What is the value of buying your software when I can just build my own?” Not surprising, since we are living in an age in which IT teams are nearly ubiquitous at organizations. It’s not an unreasonable thought, but the answer is almost always the same (no matter what kind of software an organization is considering).

“Buying software is going to make your life a whole lot easier and your program a whole lot more successful.”

This is generally the beginning of a much longer explanation that has to do with the costs associated with building, the ability to scale to a need, the resources that are required and the possibilities offered by a wealth of software providers (among many other things). This goes for a number of different types of software: customer relationship management, ideation, project management, etc.

There is, however, a time to build.

Readers that download our To Build or To Buy white paper, will learn the six business considerations that buying a software solution will impact and the two questions that lead a business to build their own solution.

Readers will also learn about an IdeaScale client that made efforts to build and implement their own solution over the course of six months. That solution, in the end, wasn’t able to handle the necessary volume of traffic and IdeaScale replaced their platform with our own solution within a week to great results.

What are your build experiences? Your buy experiences?

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