This Holiday Season: Kids Helping Kids

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs the Indiegogo campaign will tell you, Alyssa Verruto decided when she was eight years old that her holiday project was going to be raising money for a local orphanage in her town. She wanted to be able to buy toys for children in need. So, each year, both Alyssa and her sister celebrate the season by going around the neighborhood and asking for donations for the Thompson Child Family Focus Center. In exchange, the Verrutos provide luminarias for the whole neighborhood in honor of those that give.

The Verrutos have kept their fundraising local until recently and have done pretty well (averaging about $700/year), but since opening up the campaign to crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the Verrutos have already exceeded their initial goal of $2,000 and kept on going.

This is crowdfunding at its best: teaching a new generation what is possible when a group works together. They’ve already met their initial goal, have plowed through their second and are excited to be able to offer a lot to the Thompson Child Family Focus Center this year. I’m glad to share stories of such optimism.

The deadline to donate has been extended to tonight, December 24th. With a year that has brought so much turmoil, let’s continue to encourage kids like Alyssa to work hard to make better moments for anyone. You’ll enjoy a luminaria of your very own when you give.

Warm wishes to all this holiday season from IdeaScale!

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