The Value of Open Innovation in the Workplace

4986000566_5b2a19eeb2_oLast month three federal agencies were recognized as one of the best places to work in government. Among the agencies, NASA, the Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Communication Commission were recognized for achievement in management, employee engagement, and training.

Each of them were interviewed about how they achieved this status and although all of them are IdeaScale customers, it was the PTO that noted the premium that is placed on employee input. The statement from Focarino acknowledged “I think we will continue with our very heavy focus of getting employee input, whether it’s through Ideascale and letting employees vote to prioritize things they want management to explore and look into, or having more town halls and keeping an analysis of the Employee Viewpoint Survey data going. And we will continue to look for areas we need to improve.”

What is unsurprising about this statement is that employee engagement has a proven value in increasing both employee satisfaction, as well as improving the bottom line. One government researcher noted that implementing IdeaScale increases customer satisfaction – the same is true of employee satisfaction. Numerous clients have noted this effect in their workplaces, as well.

The questions remains: why? Well, there are numerous reasons, but here are three:

1. People feel more satisfied when they feel heard. An employee engagement program allows the employees to feel as though they are playing a real role. Even when their thoughts aren’t implemented, employees feel considered and therefore as though they are playing a larger role within the company.
2. Increase the likelihood for workplace incentives and recognition. Most open innovation programs at least allow for professional recognition, if not out and out rewards of varying degrees. Offering new avenues for reward often increases satisfaction.
3. Progress Leads to Excitement. As much as people are shy of change, they are also excited by a lively, active workplace that is capable of growth. Showing that a company is committed to change shows that there is a possible future.

Why do you think employee satisfaction increases with open innovation? What programs have you seen in your workplace?

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