The Value of Customer-Facing Employees

Princess CruisesAre you an organization trying to find a way to innovate and respond to the needs of your customers? It could be the key to doing so is already under your own roof, so to speak. If you work with customers, it means you have employees who interact with those customers, which makes those employees your best resource.

Customer-facing employees are right on the front lines. They hear the issues that customers most often encounter directly from the horse’s mouth. These employees have the highest level of customer sympathy as a result of their constant interfacing with customers. Further, these employees also have the organizational knowledge to recognize which customer issues, and their associated solutions, are the most feasible and realistic for the company. It is easy for proposed changes to not have any positive impact for customers when those who work most closely with those customers are not included in the process.

Princess Cruises has learned the value of customer-facing employees firsthand. Princess has long been an innovation leader in the travel and hospitality arena, but in 2014 they took that commitment to innovation a step further when they launched We Innovate, an organization-wide initiative to share innovative employee ideas. Thus far, the community has gathered more than 2,700 ideas, a number of which have already been implemented. As Randall Cooper, the Innovation Manager at Princess Cruises expressed, “The very nature of the hospitality industry is to find new ways to advocate for the customer at every turn. Our employees specialize in this.” Customer-facing employees are the most well-equipped to engage in that advocacy.

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