The Top 5 New Features!

2842301423_26c606dc56_oIdeaScale prides itself on being a flexible and unique tool that helps numerous companies meet their innovation goals (however disparate the programs might be – from new product development to sustainability planning). To that end, we’ve continued to grow our platform in tandem with the latest innovation practices and needs across all industries.

This means that our product has benefited from numerous enhancements over the course of the past year, but it might also mean that maybe you haven’t been able to see the full end-to-end magic that makes business decision making even easier.

Which is why IdeaScale is an offering a review of things that you might have missed – the highlights of our year (so to speak) in our complimentary webinar: It’s Raining Features! A Tour of IdeaScale’s Latest Functionality.

Here’s a list of our top five features from 2013 that we’ll be showcasing in the webinar (but this is just the beginning – don’t worry – we’ll cover more):

Custom Workflow:
Want to make the idea lifecycle more lightweight? If you use custom workflow, you can automatically begin routing promising or popular ideas to the next stage.

Assessment Tool:
IdeaScale believes that the innovation market is moving towards involving the crowd at every phase of the lifecycle so that good ideas are verified and refined. The assessment tool makes this possible.

Pairwise Comparison:
A great gut check tool or way to simplify the prioritization process. If you haven’t used the pairwise comparison tool yet, you might want the chance to see it in action.

Pre-Defined Tags:
Everyone’s always looking for new lightweight methods of guiding the conversation. Pre-defining tags allows users to distill conversation within the appropriate categories easily using the same language.

Idea Ownership:
Building teams and making people accountable for new ideas is the best way to see those ideas through to completion. Idea ownership can be a singular or collaborative effort. Learn how in our webinar.

What new features would you like to hear about? Tell us and register for the webinar today.

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