The Products and Processes for Idea Management

What is idea management?

Idea management is the products and processes associated with gathering great ideas, identifying the best ones, and then implements those ideas within organizations of all sizes. Put simply – it is the process by which a company finds great ideas and then brings them to life. Those ideas can be about anything, including new products, ways to improve business processes, cost savings, and more.

What is the IdeaScale idea management solution?

Idea management software is designed for employees, investors, management, customers and vendors to share ideas and opportunities for innovation in a secure, positive way. Eventually these ideas bring about growth, positive solutions and a supportive work environment.

There are many activities associated with idea management, including idea gathering, idea voting and commenting, idea stage management, idea flagging, idea tagging, idea review and assessment, idea evaluation, and more. Each of these features fulfills different needs throughout the idea management process, but the three main goals of the process are to gather, identify, evaluate, and implement. With IdeaScale’s idea management software it is possible to achieve each of these goals from within the software.

Once an idea management solution has been implemented, it becomes a place where employees brainstorm and collaborate within a web-based idea management software hosted on a web server outside your company, which allows access from remote areas. IdeaScale software is still secure using user names and passwords as given only to authorized personnel. Web-based idea management software allows the sharing of ideas and collaboration on their development from company members, customers and investors all over the world.

The benefits, of course, are endless – sometimes the ideas become a new top-selling product and sometimes they end up reducing company operating costs by as much as 90% or help save a business that was at risk. The ideas can be solicited once in a single challenge or they can be gathered on an ongoing basis, but whatever the program ends up choosing as its methodology – the thing that it needs at all times is new great ideas.

Process Management

Advisory services professionals can help define organizational processes and methods to help optimize innovation activities.

SharePoint Integration

IdeaScale integrates with SharePoint in order to facilitate embedded collaboration processes.

Status Tabs

IdeaScale’s default status tabs can be easily customized or disabled them to match each company’s process to reflect the progress of certain ideas.

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