The Age of the Comment Card is Over

There are numerous ways to communicate with your network these days. You can build customer forums, tweet, fill out online surveys… certainly you can build online communities with IdeaScale… you can have your audience fill out comment cards…

Wait a minute? That’s still happening?

I had forgotten about the comment card until the other day when I was at a small mom and pop coffeeshop near where I work and I saw a stack of customer comment cards languishing under a pile of chewed up pencils by the cream. The top one had been flipped over and someone had doodled what looked like a wilted cabbage on the back. I wondered how long those comment cards had been there.

The thing is, with so many methods of communication, it’s kind of strange to see comment cards anywhere any more. And then I found out that if restaurants alone eliminated comment cards, over 600M pieces of paper would be saved per year. It’s also estimated that comment card response rates can often be lower than 1%.

To mark the end of an era, QuestionPro is hosting a crowdsourced video competition. Anyone can submit a video or photo of themselves destroying a comment card. Winners are selected when friends and fans vote on the winning video. There’s a prize, too: round trip airfare for two (and second and third prizes).

It’s a good way to get people thinking about the next phase of customer feedback: how it must be in real-time, anywhere, to the right people, and (for heaven’s sake) not wasteful.

How else are customer interactions changing? How would you destroy your comment card?

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  1. WaiterPop (@waiterpop)

    I do believe customer interactions are changing to a always on, digital, and fast methodology. I agree that the next phase of customer comment cards is already upon us, with many digital products on the market. On the other hand, I don’t think the comment cards are useless, there is an inherent value in being able to communicate with customers. I went into pretty great detail in my article where I covered the various reasons why comment cards went the way of the dodo. On the same token, if managed and utilized properly comment cards can still be very beneficial. At minimum they can compliment a broad based customer interaction system. Great points though and I agree with you.


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