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The past decade was the warmest ever on record, according to NASA data and whatever you think about global warming, it is clear from everything between Frankenstorm to our record droughts and ice melting this past summer that some trend of climate change is upon us. But a new crowdsourcing project is working to give us … Continued

Crowdsourcing into the Furthest Reaches of the Galaxy

In the 60s at the University of California, Dr. Frank Drake devised what is called the Drake equation. Basically, the equation works with multiple estimates including the number of Earth-like worlds per planetary system, the fraction of possible communicative planets, and the lifetime of those possible communicative civilizations, etc. resulting in an estimate that there … Continued

The Call of the Wild

Learning another language has never been an easy task, despite how accessibly Rosetta Stone might package it for us. Decoding an unknown language, however, is an even more daunting task – especially when we’re not even talking about the same species. Last month, a team of marine biologists, Scientific American, and the Citizen Science Alliance … Continued

Crowdsourcing for the Final Frontier

It’s a pretty big sky – even when we’ve narrowed it down to eight planets instead of nine (I still miss you, Pluto). There are a number of programs out there that are working to chart the numerous objects that are floating around in the black, but one of them is Zooniverse’s Ice Hunter project. … Continued