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Last Day to Submit to the CEC’s Youth for Innovation Challenge

Youth for Innovation

Last year, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation launched a fantastic challenge with inspiring results. Youth from across North America shared incredible ideas that included creating concrete from recycled plastic or powering grocery stores on food waste, and more. To learn more about last year’s challenge and winners, you can read the full case study here. … Continued

Customers We Love

Customers We Love

One of the best things about working at IdeaScale is the variety of customers, use cases, and success stories that you hear about. But recently, our work with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation reminded us of some of our favorite types of customers. Here are some of the reasons that CEC embodies these qualities. Socially-Responsible. … Continued

Engaging New Audiences with Crowdsourcing

Finally, a way to bring my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Lego set to life! Lego is reaching out to its fans in order to produce consumer-designed Lego projects for the mass market. After piloting the product crowdsourcing program in Japan and producing its first consumer-designed product (the Shinkai 6500 submarine), Lego is working to launch … Continued