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5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at Open Nation 2018, Berkeley

We’ve talked about 2018’s innovation learning priorities already and how they will inform the agenda at this year’s Open Nation 2018, Berkeley, but I would love to reiterate that I think those themes of engagement, implementation, and innovation ROI are some of the most interesting and complex problems to solve in the innovation space so … Continued

The Role of Women in Innovation

Role of Women in Innovation

A scroll through my LinkedIn today is pretty powerful. I see numerous organizations profiling and celebrating their “First Female CEO” or “Women in Charge of Blockchain” or “the Female Entrepreneurial Movement.” It’s exciting to see a more balanced future of the workplace and think that pioneering new ideas are already being championed and redeveloped by … Continued

Ideas by Women

Ideas by Women

It’s International Women’s Day and it’s definitely a favorite holiday here at IdeaScale. We are always looking for more ways to close the gender gap (paid family leave, equal pay, and employees at IdeaScale are encouraged to go leave work today and participate in International Women’s Day activities), but we wanted to take a moment … Continued