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Philosophy and Voting

In case you didn’t already know, IdeaScale loves voting. We’re big fans of it– it’s built right into our system. Voting is one of the most straightforward, useful, and longstanding forms of tapping into the intelligence of a network and it’s a system that won’t soon evaporate. Whatever measure you’re considering, voting allows you to … Continued

How Dollar Per Month™ Is Changing Giving and The World

Dollar Per Month™ is one of the most optimistic fundraising platforms looking to change the world that I’ve encountered in recent years and it’s really starting to gain traction even in its first year. I think one of the reasons that it’s been so successful is for its innovative giving model. Here’s how it works. … Continued

The Age of the Comment Card is Over

There are numerous ways to communicate with your network these days. You can build customer forums, tweet, fill out online surveys… certainly you can build online communities with IdeaScale… you can have your audience fill out comment cards… Wait a minute? That’s still happening? I had forgotten about the comment card until the other day … Continued