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A Look Back at the Innovation Management Awards

The Innovation Management Awards are in their fifth year and we thought it would be good chance to look back at all the past winners as we prepare to receive submissions from around the world in this year’s competition. We’ve honored a variety of organizations and companies in the past and we hope that we … Continued

The 2017 Innovation Management Awards Are Open

For the fifth year in a row, IdeaScale is hosting the Innovation Management Awards. This annual contest is open to all IdeaScale customers who have a story to share. Particularly if that story demonstrates innovation thought leadership when it comes to engagement strategies, innovation processes, or idea implementation. And this year (as every year), IdeaScale … Continued

Introducing IVAN: Crowdsourced Environmental Issue Tracking

It happens rather frequently, I’ll be driving through a spray of pesticide or I’ll notice a car that is chugging black smoke behind it down the highway.  It’s a terrible blight on my experience, but also on the environment and what makes me so annoying to be around is that there’s generally nothing to do … Continued

The Crowd Looks Out for Its Own

As the internet evolves, many industries, disciplines, and arts evolve with it. Unfortunately, not all of them moral or legal. Among these industries is the human trafficking trade, which has significantly progressed in terms of its ability to reach out via the internet to source its victims. I didn’t even realize that the city that … Continued