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3 Ways to Tap Internal Innovation Potential and Improve Morale

Innovation has become the benchmark of success for growing businesses, world class learning institutions, and government agencies. Public perception might not envisage government as an epicenter for innovation, and unfortunately these sceptics aren’t entirely wrong. According to the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, issued by the Office of Personnel Management, the overall US government-wide innovation score … Continued

Reducing Administrative Distractions with the US Navy

With Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Greenert at the wheel, the United States Navy functions under the motto, “War fighting first.” The duty of these men and women lies in naval warfare. To better allow his sailors to dedicate themselves fully to this endeavor, the CNO tasked Rear Adm. Herman Shelanski and a select group … Continued

Government Work Musts: Social, Collaborative, Accessible

IdeaScale came of age in the advent of Obama’s Open Government Initiative and, during that time, we perfected both our public and private communities based on our work with numerous Federal agencies. In the time since, those discoveries have become portable and we’ve translated them to the private sector. This week, we announced that we’re … Continued

United States Navy Improves Administrative Performance with Employee Engagement

Berkeley, July 1st, 2013 – IdeaScale, leading idea management software provider, is pleased to announce that it is providing the cloud-based crowdsourcing platform for the US Navy’s new initiative aimed at reducing administrative inefficiencies. The project is titled Reducing Administrative Distractions (RAD) and works to collect and select feedback suggestions that will improve administrative operations … Continued