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Global Collaboration Is Only Possible with Language Translation

Let me introduce you to Alessandra: an Italian lawyer at an international bank who is working in Milan. She’s got some great ideas about how their mobile application development might impact their terms affecting their top 100 clients, but the development team is operating in Asia and there is no common language between them. The … Continued

Global Collaboration: A Linguistic Profile

There are many challenges to operating in numerous countries, but chief among them are the language barriers that disrupt true company collaboration. In order to offer some further insight into a global language profile of the digital universe, research and records management specialist, Sergey Lobachev, will present findings on the top languages in global information … Continued

Emojis are Now in the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has now included a crowdsourced and crowdfunded project, the results of which are called Emoji Dick. Originally launched as a publishing project on Kickstarter, Emoji Dick sought funds to translate Melville’s Moby Dick into Japanese emoji Icons using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk workforce. It worked in two stages: 1)     Every sentence was … Continued

A Look Back at 2012, A Look Forward to 2013

Welcome to the new year! 2012 was a busy time at IdeaScale. We’ve made a lot of changes and added a cornucopia of new offerings to our platform. But isn’t January better with another Top Five list? So, we’ve picked out our five favorite new features from 2012 and have also included a sneak peek … Continued

The Call of the Wild

Learning another language has never been an easy task, despite how accessibly Rosetta Stone might package it for us. Decoding an unknown language, however, is an even more daunting task – especially when we’re not even talking about the same species. Last month, a team of marine biologists, Scientific American, and the Citizen Science Alliance … Continued