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A Successful Process Improvement Workflow

Successful Process Improvement Workflow

Last week, IdeaScale introduced a proven customer experience improvement workflow that is being used by our highest performing communities. This week, we’re going to look at a high-performing process improvement workflow (by far IdeaScale’s most common use case). This workflow has been used to find new time efficiencies, save money, and more. Organizations like this … Continued

What Innovation Skills Should You Focus on Building?

What Innovation Skills Should You Focus on Building

Innovation is a practice at forward-thinking organizations. And like any other company discipline, the¬† skills and rules associated with an internal practice require refinement and continuous learning because the boundaries of that practice are constantly moving and being redefined. But what should you focus on? What skills require up-leveling and what should you prioritize in … Continued

Crowdsourcing the Neighborhood Watch

It used to require volunteering a few nights a week, monthly meetings, and perhaps putting your name on a list at town hall. Now, one way of being a good citizen is as easy as logging into Graffiti is one of those neighborhood occurrences that often blights an otherwise charming scene. Recently, someone took … Continued