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How do I know if someone will be successful at innovation?

  As part of our innovation strategist team, I get to speak with a lot of first-time innovators. Developing an innovation program for any organization is no easy task and certainly should not fall on any one person. Part of my role is to help those who want guidance on where to begin and put … Continued

The Secret to Innovation Success

Great ideas are hard to come by. But a lack of good ideas isn’t what usually derails a business’ ability to remain innovative. In order to be innovative, ideas must be shared, and must be executed. Haven’t you been at a lunch table when a buddy told you his brilliant idea for a game or … Continued

IdeaScale Open Innovation Awards: What We’re Looking For

IdeaScale’s second annual Open Innovation Awards are live and taking submissions! We’re taking submissions in three categories: Best Engagement strategy, Best Moderation Strategy, and Best Innovation. Prizes include Apple iPad Minis, discounted 2015 IdeaScale subscriptions, and the chance to fast track a new, 2015 IdeaScale feature. So what are we looking for in submissions? Unique … Continued

What We Can Learn From Amanda Palmer

If you’re a part of my family, then you are familiar with the musician Amanda Palmer – whose musical artistry has long-inspired my musician brother. But, in case you’re not, Amanda Palmer is an American performer who was originally known as the lead singer, pianist, and composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls. She has … Continued