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Swarmsourcing: Asking the Crowd to Predict the Cicadas’ Emergence

Cicadas are known for three things: the shrill buzz of their song, their remarkable size, and their extraordinary 17-year lifecycle. The North American Magicicada spend the majority of their life (seventeen years) underground as nymphs, but in their seventeenth year, when the ground is 64°F eight inches beneath the surface, the cicada emerges aboveground to … Continued

Crowdsourcing the Endangered Species List

When looking after the welfare of the environment, it turns out that citizen engagement is key. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) came into law almost forty years ago and apparently has crowdsourcing baked into its success. Although creation and maintenance of the Endangered Species List falls to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, it is … Continued

First Crowdsourced Gene Discovery

It is gratifying to see the wealth of opportunities that crowdfunding brings to fruition: arts and sciences, applications and sustainable business. Most recently, however, crowdfunding is bettering the health of a little girl named Maya Nieder. Maya Nieder is four years old and unable to traditionally communicate. For years her parents have struggled to understand … Continued

Good Medicine: Crowdsourcing Contests Save Lives

Thanks to a $1 million dollar contest, sufferers of the debilitating neuromuscular disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, may be one step closer to finding a cure. Last week, the ALS non-profit Prize4Life named neurologist Dr. Seward Rutkove winner of their Biomarker Contest, through which they crowdsourced the entire medical … Continued

Crowdsourcing the Cure for Cancer

Thanks to Cancer Commons, a Web application launched last week, the public has greater access to cutting-edge cancer treatments sooner than ever before. As the Associated Press reported in a January 16th article, the creator of the app, Marty Tenenbaum, was diagnosed with a highly dangerous form of skin cancer in the late 90’s. A … Continued