Defining Your Innovation Metrics

When people talk about the metrics that they use to measure the success of their innovation programs, they are often talking about two different things, both of which are very [...]

Defining Your Innovation Metrics2021-02-25T20:53:53+00:00

Innovation Spotlight: State of Minnesota

In case you hadn't heard, IdeaScale recently announced the winners of its open innovation awards contest. Our panel of judges selected five winners from an array of submissions that outlined [...]

Innovation Spotlight: State of Minnesota2022-04-05T20:51:38+00:00

Innovation Awards Close This Friday

IdeaScale announced the 2013 Open Innovation Awards in August and after several months, applications, questions, truly strange stories and stranger requests, the period for sharing is almost over. The Innovation [...]

Innovation Awards Close This Friday2021-03-02T19:26:05+00:00

Open Innovation Awards: 3 Things We’re Looking For

The deadline to submit Open Innovation Awards is almost upon us (November 8th) and we’re truly looking forward to reviewing some compelling stories and sharing some new best practices. But [...]

Open Innovation Awards: 3 Things We’re Looking For2022-04-05T19:42:29+00:00

4 Reasons Why We Started the Innovation Awards

Last month, IdeaScale announced it’s first year of Innovation Awards.  In this competition, IdeaScale users who have achieved tangible results in the categories of engagement strategy, moderation strategy, wild innovation, [...]

4 Reasons Why We Started the Innovation Awards2022-04-05T19:42:27+00:00

5 Reasons to Win with Innovation

There are five categories. There is one Hawaiian vacation. If you’re a winner in the IdeaScale Innovation Awards, that makes your chance of going to Hawaii 20%. But what are [...]

5 Reasons to Win with Innovation2022-04-05T19:42:28+00:00

Innovation Awards: What We’re Looking For

The FCC was tasked with an enormous undertaking: developing the National Broadband Plan, which seeks to ensure that all people of the United States have access to broadband capability. However, [...]

Innovation Awards: What We’re Looking For2022-04-05T19:42:31+00:00