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The Customer-Product Relationship, in Real-Time

The internet is wallpapered with customer feedback – frustrated customers publicly tweeting complaints, exuberant followers checking the Facebook page of their favorite company, and engaged end users submitting product suggestions directly to a company’s website. Easy access enables constant communication between companies, both large and small, and their consumers. This variety of channels to communication can be beneficial to consumers, and to companies: Social media … Continued

Responding at Cloud Speed

There are numerous benefits to working in the cloud: • the cloud scales to meet a company’s fluctuating needs,• it allows for global collaboration,• the cloud is far more environmentally friendly than its earth-based relatives However, another key benefit that people often talk about is the ability to move “at cloud speed.” Cloud speed is short-hand for responding … Continued

Research from our Complimentary Webinar: Beyond the Survey, The Future of Customer Collaboration

While we look forward to the upcoming complimentary webinar tomorrow, we thought it might be fun to share some customer feedback statistics from our research: 79% of companies DO NOT define best practices for utilizing and deriving actionable insights from customer feedback. Source: Aberdeen Group 70% of customer experience management best-in-class adopters use customer … Continued

Beyond the Survey: The Future of Customer Collaboration

Join SAP and IdeaScale in this complimentary webinar as we navigate the future of customer engagement. The IdeaScale-powered SAP Business ByDesign Ideas Forum allows customers and partners to submit their ideas for improvement to the SAP product. Although SAP has always reached out to their customers throughout the development lifecycle, SAP found several unique opportunities … Continued