The Customer-Product Relationship, in Real-Time

image courtesy of mkhmarketing via flickr The internet is wallpapered with customer feedback - frustrated customers publicly tweeting complaints, exuberant followers checking the Facebook page of their favorite company, and engaged end users submitting [...]

The Customer-Product Relationship, in Real-Time2022-04-05T20:51:48+00:00

Responding at Cloud Speed

There are numerous benefits to working in the cloud: • the cloud scales to meet a company’s fluctuating needs, • it allows for global collaboration, • the cloud is far more environmentally friendly [...]

Responding at Cloud Speed2021-03-02T19:02:34+00:00

Beyond the Survey: The Future of Customer Collaboration

Join SAP and IdeaScale in this complimentary webinar as we navigate the future of customer engagement. The IdeaScale-powered SAP Business ByDesign Ideas Forum allows customers and partners to submit their [...]

Beyond the Survey: The Future of Customer Collaboration2022-04-05T19:40:42+00:00