Guest Post: Why the E2 Conference Matters

The following is a guest post by Romi Mahajan. Mahajan's work on network intelligence and sincere marketing has been mentioned in several other blog posts. Here, Mahajan talks about the [...]

Guest Post: Why the E2 Conference Matters2021-03-03T17:59:22+00:00

IdeaScale on RomiCast

This week, IdeaScale’s President, Rob Hoehn, was interviewed on RomiCast (a podcast curated by the Market Research resource center: ResearchAccess). The topic was feedback, but the featured discussion ranged all [...]

IdeaScale on RomiCast2021-03-02T20:30:59+00:00

Introducing Cool is for Fools

There is a new marketing book out entitled Cool is for Fools by marketing guru, Romi Mahajan. In the world of business how-to publications, this one is decidedly different and [...]

Introducing Cool is for Fools2021-03-02T20:48:06+00:00

Network Intelligence: The Source of True Innovation

IdeaScale is pleased to announce the release of its latest ebook: Network Intelligence! The project was co-authored by Romi Mahajan, Rob Hoehn, and myself and contains various examples of looking [...]

Network Intelligence: The Source of True Innovation2021-03-02T21:16:28+00:00
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