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A Collaborative Product Development Stage Gate

Product Development Stage Gate

You might be surprised to learn that silica sand is used in a wide variety of industries: everything from the oil & gas vertical to products in sports & recreation. It’s amazing that sand can be used for arts and crafts or even water filtration. So a company that provides silica and sand based products … Continued

A Successful Customer Experience Innovation Workflow

Customer Experience Innovation

Last week, IdeaScale introduced a proven product improvement workflow that is being used by our highest performing communities. This week, we continue that trend by showcasing a workflow that has been used to demonstrably improve customer experience and customer satisfaction. Organizations like this gather ideas from employees about how to make customers lives better and … Continued

A Successful Product Improvement Workflow

Successful Product Improvement Workflow

For the next three weeks, IdeaScale will introduce a proven IdeaScale workflow that is being used by our highest performing communities. Our hope is that these workflows become templates that you can use in your own communities. The first workflow that we’re going to examine is an innovation funnel that has successfully been used for … Continued

How to Refresh Your Innovation Strategy in 2018

Refresh Your Innovation Strategy

Every lightbulb needs changing. Refreshing your innovation strategy is likely on your to-do list for 2018. But you may also be stuck on how to get started. Maybe you’re happy with your strategy, or just not sure how to improve. Try these tactics for a more innovative year. Look At 2017 How was your 2017, … Continued

Featured IM Award Winner: The US Coast Guard

We’re not surprised that the US Coast Guard is one of our favorite stories from this year’s Innovation Management Awards. Their presentation at Open Nation this year was regarded as one of the favorite (and most useful presentations), because presenter Commander Andy Howell was great at articulating the fact that crowdsourcing communities sit at the … Continued