Trends First, Solutions Second

Last year, IdeaScale launched a webinar series that covered the repeatable innovation process (from problem identification to implementation). In the “How to Pick the Right Problems to Solve” webinar we [...]

Trends First, Solutions Second2021-02-25T19:11:53+00:00

Citizen Science and the Future of Cancer Research

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is the federal government's principal agency for cancer research and training. They are a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which is one [...]

Citizen Science and the Future of Cancer Research2021-03-01T21:39:54+00:00

The United Nations of Innovation

Diversity as the key to success  Despite the recent wave of nationalistic and protectionist sentiment that has swept our political landscape, having a diverse leadership that includes women, minorities, immigrants [...]

The United Nations of Innovation2022-04-05T20:52:22+00:00

Help NASA Save the World from Asteroids

One of the many awesome things to come out of South by Southwest a couple of weeks ago was NASA’s release of a new app, Asteroid Data Tracker, which allows [...]

Help NASA Save the World from Asteroids2022-04-05T21:20:25+00:00

3 Ways Crowdsourcing is Innovating Health Care

image courtesy of tyler via flickr Health care should be a pinnacle of innovation. A constantly improving juncture of best practices in care, research, and technological advancements. Unfortunately, [...]

3 Ways Crowdsourcing is Innovating Health Care2021-02-19T05:59:41+00:00

The Patent Research Battle

This is how a patent action lawsuit works (you know - without any especial legal expertise): 1. A challenge is filed to a company that may have violated a potential [...]

The Patent Research Battle2022-04-05T20:47:43+00:00