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What is an Employee Satisfaction Survey?

employee satisfaction survey

An employee satisfaction survey is a powerful tool that the Human Resource department in general and managers in particular use to understand the level of satisfaction of the employees associated with the respective organization. It’s a closed form of crowdsourcing that can inform your internal innovation strategy. This survey provides management with a direction that … Continued

Can You Benefit from an Employee Onboarding Survey?

employee onboarding survey

The employee onboarding survey is a detailed survey that is used by an organization for the employees who have joined the organization recently. This survey typically measures the level of satisfaction of the newly recruited employees, to evaluate their overall recruitment experience. It’s a closed form of crowdsourcing that can benefit your company.  Employee onboarding … Continued

What is a Conference Feedback Survey?

Conference Feedback Survey

Conference feedback surveys are sent out to participants after they attend a conference to learn from them the areas which can be improved and those that they appreciate. Insights collected from a conference feedback can be influential in constantly elevating efforts of conducting impeccable conferences. Which speakers were loved, were the staff members helpful at … Continued

The Data Economy & GDPR – Innovating around Regulation!

Data Economy and GDPR

When you hear the word “regulation” – the first thing that comes to mind is bureaucracy. Especially, when it comes to the European Union! The EU directive of data-protection, privacy and general regulation of its data-economy is largely tied to the upcoming launch of the GDPR regime in May 2018. As with every regulation, there … Continued

Best Ways to Generate Innovative Ideas

This article is a guest post from Manasi Talikoti from You can read the companion article on the QuestionPro blog. Once Robin Williams said “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” Are you one of those people that thinks they can change the world with their crazy ideas? … Continued