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You Have Observed and Thought. Now What?

Observed and Thought

Innovation, like anything, is built one stroke at a time. When it comes to innovation, you’ve followed the example of Galileo and observed your industry. You’ve taken a cue from Edison and Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, and thought through your observations. So, what’s next? You build a team, execute a plan, and keep working … Continued

Think: the Second Step in Innovation

Second Step in Innovation

Think first, then act. In the first step of innovation, we discussed observation, and how Galileo conceived of the pendulum clock years before it would ultimately be invented. But, of course, Galileo wasn’t the first to look at a swinging chandelier. What made the difference was his approach to what he saw, his method of … Continued

Identifying the Right Problem to Solve: A 4-Step Framework

Identifying the Right Problem to Solve

The votes are in, the consensus is clear- the #1 challenge for decision makers across industry is now selecting the right problem to solve and more precisely- being confident that that selection is the best problem to focus on. In a recent study 85% of executives agree that their organizations are bad at problem diagnosis … Continued