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Swarmsourcing: Asking the Crowd to Predict the Cicadas’ Emergence

Cicadas are known for three things: the shrill buzz of their song, their remarkable size, and their extraordinary 17-year lifecycle. The North American Magicicada spend the majority of their life (seventeen years) underground as nymphs, but in their seventeenth year, when the ground is 64°F eight inches beneath the surface, the cicada emerges aboveground to … Continued

Crowdsourcing the Cure for Cancer

Thanks to Cancer Commons, a Web application launched last week, the public has greater access to cutting-edge cancer treatments sooner than ever before. As the Associated Press reported in a January 16th article, the creator of the app, Marty Tenenbaum, was diagnosed with a highly dangerous form of skin cancer in the late 90’s. A … Continued