How to Create Change with Participatory Government

image courtesy of Matt Rife via flickr Active citizen government has many names: citizen engagement, participatory government, and open government. The significance lies less in the name attached [...]

How to Create Change with Participatory Government2021-02-19T05:58:07+00:00

NextGen Summit and X-Corp Thinking

Last week was NextGen's 5th annual Next Generation of Government Training Summit. GovLoop and Young Government Leaders (YGS) joined together to, "educate, inspire, and promote innovation for new and rising [...]

NextGen Summit and X-Corp Thinking2022-04-05T19:59:03+00:00

Keeping Citizen Engagement Engaging

image courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via flickr Starting at the national level with the Obama Administration's open government initiative in 2009, there have been many [...]

Keeping Citizen Engagement Engaging2022-04-05T20:51:47+00:00

The Crowd is FEMA’s Most Effective Tool in Innovation

For nearly 4 decades the Federal Emergency Management Agency has fought to reduce the devastation brought on by disasters in the United States. From supply, organization, and training pre-emergency, to [...]

The Crowd is FEMA’s Most Effective Tool in Innovation2022-04-05T21:09:33+00:00

Changing the World with Open Government

image courtesy of wilmack Making All Voices Count aims to increase civic participation and awareness in governance. Independent Steering Committee Member Rakesh Rajani is quoted on their site, [...]

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Harnessing the Ideas of Innovation

John Paul Farmer (Sr Advisor to the US Chief Technology Advisor) and Nicole Sunstrum (Dir of Social Media at the University of Michegan) We're either three weeks post SXSW Interactive, [...]

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APIs are at the Heart of Open Data

IdeaScale is glad to be hosting a webinar next week about how our API is generating new innovation solutions in different use case scenarios. IdeaScale’s webinar will cover many different [...]

APIs are at the Heart of Open Data2022-04-05T19:42:12+00:00

How to Keep it All On the Up and Up

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, President Obama has called for a new age of openness in American politics by saying, “we will work together to ensure the public trust [...]

How to Keep it All On the Up and Up2022-04-05T20:57:40+00:00