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The Future of Community-Policing: How crowdsourcing can mutually benefit law enforcement and citizens

community policing

As reminders of the escalating tension and broken trust between police departments and the communities they serve grow more and more frequent, law enforcement agencies are equally stepping up their efforts to improve community relations. From cities trying to recruit more minority officers to President Obama’s Executive Order that established a Task Force on 21st … Continued

Open Nation 2015 Highlights


Nearly a year ago, leaders in innovation gathered for Open Nation 2015 to discuss innovation management topics and themes, including social mechanics of open innovation, moderation best practices and processes, strategies for improving innovation culture, the latest IdeaScale configurations, and more. Two of the organizations presenting were RocketSpace and the NYPD, who shared with us … Continued

IdeaScale and the NYPD

In early April, IdeaScale added another organization to its storied ranks: the New York Police Department. In an article in The New York Times, the NYPD shared their plans to start a pilot program of IdeaScale as an avenue of citizens sharing concerns. The plan is to implement the program in a few neighborhoods in … Continued