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The Nonprofit Innovation Advantage: Purpose

Nonprofit innovation advantage

Research has amassed over the past several years that details how much positive impact it can have on the workplace to offer employees a sense of purpose. Purpose doesn’t just mean that an employee has the ability to influence meaningful decisions at an organization, but also that an employee believes they are part of a … Continued

Needs and Problems in the Nonprofit Sector

Problems in the Nonprofit Sector

Tackling massive problems such as social injustice, income inequality, healthcare availability, sustainability (among others) requires innovation, a process by which ideas are transformed into implemented services or products. This process, however, is not as easy as it sounds for nonprofit organizations. In a “management for nonprofits” article, I read that innovation is a crucial factor … Continued

13 Things to Know About Crowdsourcing

Things to Know About Crowdsourcing

United Way is engaged in nearly 1,800 communities  across  more than 40  countries and territories worldwide. As the largest privately-funded nonprofit in the world, United Way creates solutions that build stronger communities. United Ways are improving education, strengthening financial stability and making communities healthier. But they don’t do it alone. Nearly 2.6 million volunteers and 9.6 … Continued

Harnessing Good Thoughts: Innovation Management as a Volunteer Opportunity

innovation management as volunteer opportunity

THE DISHARMONIUS GOOD INTENTIONS OF STAKEHOLDERS Every nonprofit has them, mountains of well-meaning good ideas from passionate supporters, true believers, and entitled stakeholders. There’s just so darn many of them. Ideas AND supporters. Ignoring one mean can means losing the other (people leave when they feel they aren’t being listened to), but nonprofits just don’t … Continued

5 Ways Crowdsourcing can Help You Maximize Your Non-profit’s Impact


Think crowdsourcing is a small, trendy gimmick? Think again — as of last year the crowdsourcing market generated an estimated $34 billion, much of it for non-profits and fundraising. Crowdsourcing isn’t just for generating cash. It’s also an excellent resource for getting good ideas and developing good ideas into excellent ones. How can crowdsourcing serve … Continued