The Nonprofit Innovation Advantage: Purpose

Research has amassed over the past several years that details how much positive impact it can have on the workplace to offer employees a sense of purpose. Purpose doesn’t just [...]

The Nonprofit Innovation Advantage: Purpose2021-02-25T19:17:07+00:00

Needs and Problems in the Nonprofit Sector

Tackling massive problems such as social injustice, income inequality, healthcare availability, sustainability (among others) requires innovation, a process by which ideas are transformed into implemented services or products. This process, [...]

Needs and Problems in the Nonprofit Sector2021-02-19T04:42:31+00:00

13 Things to Know About Crowdsourcing

United Way is engaged in nearly 1,800 communities  across  more than 40  countries and territories worldwide. As the largest privately-funded nonprofit in the world, United Way creates solutions that build stronger [...]

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