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Values & Communication for Nonprofits

Values and Communication for Nonprofits

Today we continue our discussion of the opportunities presented for innovation in the nonprofit sector, by looking at two other ways to influence innovation capabilities. Promote innovation as an organizational value Making innovation one of the primary concerns for the organization would be very beneficial for keeping up with the demands of the ever-changing scenarios … Continued

Nonprofit Solutions for Innovation

Nonprofit Solutions for innovation

In the last post from this series, we talked about the nonprofit situation and how the nature of nonprofits leads to inherent problems. At the end of the post there were some solutions bullet-pointed, and today the first two of them will be visited and explained in more depth to offer more valuable insight. Harness … Continued

Needs and Problems in the Nonprofit Sector

Problems in the Nonprofit Sector

Tackling massive problems such as social injustice, income inequality, healthcare availability, sustainability (among others) requires innovation, a process by which ideas are transformed into implemented services or products. This process, however, is not as easy as it sounds for nonprofit organizations. In a “management for nonprofits” article, I read that innovation is a crucial factor … Continued