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Large Scale Health Research that Impacts… All Of Us

All of Us

In case you hadn’t heard, All of Us is a national research effort to gather data from one million or more U.S. participants to accelerate research and improve health by taking individuals’ differences in lifestyle, environment, biology and other factors into account. With the richness of data collection out there and the variety of influencers … Continued

Four Real-World Examples of Innovation in Healthcare

Examples of Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation is changing how we care for each other. Healthcare is constantly in the news as an industry, and if you pay attention, what most catches attention is how desperately it needs innovation. Whether it’s the paperwork in the backend or the need for powerful solutions to complex public health problems, innovation platforms are finding … Continued

The Key to Groundbreaking Drug Innovation? Utilize Old Drugs

The process of drug research, development, approval, and distribution is slow moving. To a healthy individual this of course makes logical sense because staying healthy requires it. For individuals suffering from yet incurable illness, disease, virus, or disorder, and those who know and love them, this process is a race against health and hope. According … Continued