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5 Reasons Why IdeaScale Didn’t Build a Mobile App

There is no denying that mobile is here to stay. Its meteoric growth and near endless possibilities are truly stunning. People spend a lot of time on their phones, doing everything from playing Pokemon Go to paying bills. People are productive, entertained, and connected. Despite this popularity, the decision to build a mobile app is … Continued

The 4 Steps of Effective Product Development

4 Steps to Effective Product Development

Product development is often seen as a very complex process, and rightly so. There are a lot of moving parts and many departments and stakeholders involved in the ideation, development and manufacturing of a product. Everyone from marketing and sales to accounting and legal has a contribution to make to ensure the new product is … Continued

Three Reasons Why Facebook is Not an Ideation Platform

Many companies think they are crowdsourcing innovation because they engage their Facebook followers in discussion around new products. Here are three reasons why this is faulty thinking: 1. A blunt instrument Facebook lets followers “like” a comment or idea, and that’s fine if you’re asking people what color they’d like to paint the office walls, … Continued