A Love Note to Lurkers

There was a lot of talk at this year’s Open Nation about the number of lurkers in IdeaScale communities: those community members who sign on, create a profile and view [...]

A Love Note to Lurkers2021-02-25T19:08:14+00:00

Crowdsourcing Event Timelines with HistoWiki

Anyone who is familiar with the movie Vantage Point knows that different perspectives tell a different story, and unlike holography – one truth does not necessarily reflect the sum of [...]

Crowdsourcing Event Timelines with HistoWiki2021-03-02T19:41:03+00:00

Introducing: IdeaScale InfoComics

IdeaScale likes to communicate with our members in a number of different ways. We send feature updates to our subscribers, we have this blog. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. We’re [...]

Introducing: IdeaScale InfoComics2021-03-02T20:19:11+00:00

Social Change and How the Network Contributes

Innovation is something that we need to see across all industries and disciplines. We always have, we always will. And perhaps one of the most important ways that we can [...]

Social Change and How the Network Contributes2021-03-02T20:40:02+00:00

The Online Survey Done Right

Remember paper surveys? At the end of the day, crowdsourcing comes down to one thing: communication. It’s about connection and contact that allows for communication. Yes, it allows [...]

The Online Survey Done Right2021-03-02T20:56:03+00:00

How Are You Using the Crowd?

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding – the industries are exploding overnight. Econsultancy recently posted a new review of statistics for the crowdfunding industry alone and predicts that by the end of 2012, [...]

How Are You Using the Crowd?2021-03-02T20:59:50+00:00

Stabilize the Debt

You can’t get through any news cycle without hearing about the financial crisis and its possible effects.  U.S. debt at this point is projected to grow to 91% of GDP [...]

Stabilize the Debt2021-03-02T21:02:54+00:00

IdeaScale Facebook Page

Facebook, the social networking monolith of our times is always updating their stats, but I recently ran across an interesting infographic from Infographic Labs that showcases some surprising highlights, including: [...]

IdeaScale Facebook Page2021-03-02T21:04:04+00:00
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