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How Should Your Business Find the Next Big Thing?

Find the Next Big Thing

Disruptive or incremental innovation? In pop culture, the story of innovation is sudden as a brilliant idea arrives in a flash of genius. The reality of innovation is usually far less dramatic, with hundreds of people at dozens of companies chipping away at a rock and discovering, to their surprise, that all those years of … Continued

Net Neutrality and its Impact on Innovation

Net Neutrality

In today’s technologically advanced society, the Internet is a vital resource for start-ups and established businesses alike when it comes to driving innovation. From finding new ideas to testing prototypes, the Internet provides a vast multimedia platform through which companies can innovate on a global scale. However, in recent months the topic of ‘net neutrality’ … Continued

Business Disruption through Innovation and Why It’s Important


Disruption is good for business. It’s global and can happen in any industry, at any time. “Disruption” is a popular buzzword, but if you stop and think about it, experiencing disruption is not something we, as people, enjoy. Disruption is massive, rapid, and most likely permanent change, and that can be difficult to go through. … Continued

A Case of ROI and the Crowd

Crowdsourcing the public can bring to light ideas that would never have surfaced through internal exploration. The more open your innovation campaign, the greater the quantity and diversity of the resulting data. But what to do with all of this data? You can look at the most popular ideas for implementation, but will they be¬†successful? … Continued

Crowdsourcing Entertainment: Netflix vs. Amazon

Several of my friends waited up until midnight a few weekends ago when the 15-episode revival of Arrested Development season four, which was released in total on Netflix. Several of those friends stayed up late watching those initial episodes far into the evening and marked a new era in television viewing.¬† Reviews, of course, on … Continued