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Don’t Forget to Write Back

Did you ever have a pen pal in school? I did. I remember sitting down to put pen to paper and always being uncertain where to start the conversation. The format was different than a diary, but I hadn’t yet been introduced to the concept of blogs. It was always so hard to get rolling, … Continued

Last Chance to Submit to the 2017 Innovation Management Awards

Submit to the 2017 Innovation Management Awards

The deadline of the annual Innovation Management Awards is now upon us and we are still accepting submissions. Just a reminder about the three categories that we want to hear about: Best Engagement Strategy Every year, we ask our customers what topics they would most like to see discussed at IdeaScale’s Open Nation and almost … Continued

Collective Behavior in IdeaScale Communities

Collective Behavior

Contributions from community members in the form of valuable ideas are seen as strategic assets in the success of IdeaScale initiatives. The larger the community of participants the more diverse views are likely to appear; more diversity increases the chances of producing valuable ideas. But the chance for success also increases, when the behavior within … Continued

The 3 Most Common Questions about Idea Management Software

most common questions about idea management

I’ve been with IdeaScale since 2011.  I’ve been on thousands of prospect calls.  Though much has changed on our tool and in the innovation space, these questions are just as prevalent as they were in 2011. In 2017 I’m talking through the same concerns as I was 6 years ago. Here are the three most common … Continued