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3 Ways Crowdsourcing is Innovating Health Care

Health care should be a pinnacle of innovation. A constantly improving juncture of best practices in care, research, and technological advancements. Unfortunately, too many patients’ health care appears stagnant. A lack of transparency coupled with ever-increasing costs for treatment in nations like the United States and a disconnected in knowledge base between patients and providers, have … Continued

HealthTap Raises $24 Million

It is a fortunate thing to have health insurance and to be able to go see a doctor when something goes wrong, but like so many first world problems, I am annoyed at numerous inefficiencies in the process. Or at least the lack of alternatives to the process. But, as of today, an alternative is … Continued

Solutions with Lasting Impact

Last May Forbes magazine posed the question: “could the crowd possibly provide the cure to cancer?” in an article that covered a number of cure-sourcing projects including Pink Army and Cancer Commons. And that was before GE’s most recent healthymagination challenge which is investing more than $100 million in rewards for crowdsourced innovations in the … Continued

Community Care: Doctors and Patients Find Support in the Crowd

Slowly but surely, the medical profession is embracing crowdsourcing as a way to access larger quantities of information. Crowdsourcing medical contests have spurred on innovations in hard-to-treat diseases like ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Cancer clinicians and researchers have been developing Cancer Commons, a crowdsourced database of clinical observations and treatment outcomes available … Continued

Good Medicine: Crowdsourcing Contests Save Lives

Thanks to a $1 million dollar contest, sufferers of the debilitating neuromuscular disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, may be one step closer to finding a cure. Last week, the ALS non-profit Prize4Life named neurologist Dr. Seward Rutkove winner of their Biomarker Contest, through which they crowdsourced the entire medical … Continued