Emojis are Now in the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has now included a crowdsourced and crowdfunded project, the results of which are called Emoji Dick. Originally launched as a publishing project on Kickstarter, Emoji Dick [...]

Emojis are Now in the Library of Congress2021-03-02T20:12:09+00:00

The Most Human Human

If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and read Brian Christian’s The Most Human Human: What Talking with Computers Teaches Us About What It Means to Be Alive. The [...]

The Most Human Human2021-03-02T21:16:21+00:00

Cashsourcing through Crowdsourcing

What if you were a homing beacon for spare change in your couch cushions? Some crowdsourcing ideas and applications are good for a few extra bucks here and there and [...]

Cashsourcing through Crowdsourcing2021-03-02T22:03:24+00:00

Making the World a Better Place

Crowdsourcing is often thought of as the solution to a number of business problems, but the innovation obviously doesn’t stop at the limits of data entry and market research. VizWiz [...]

Making the World a Better Place2021-03-02T22:03:46+00:00
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