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Large Scale Health Research that Impacts… All Of Us

All of Us

In case you hadn’t heard, All of Us is a national research effort to gather data from one million or more U.S. participants to accelerate research and improve health by taking individuals’ differences in lifestyle, environment, biology and other factors into account. With the richness of data collection out there and the variety of influencers … Continued

The Online Survey Done Right

At the end of the day, crowdsourcing comes down to one thing: communication. It’s about connection and contact that allows for communication. Yes, it allows clients and employees to tell brands or organizations their thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, but it also allows that brand or organization the opportunity to communicate something very important, as well: … Continued

The Rise of the Smartphone

Quirk’s Marketing Research Review recently published an article by Ideascale’s CEO, Vivek Bhaskaran. The article is all about the potential of the ascending smartphone and the advantages that our portable laptop/music player/journal/file system/best friend offers not only to the user, but to the researcher. Like Bhaskaran says in the article, “Smartphones have four critical constructs … Continued

Predicting the Market: Researchers Crowdsource Themselves

Two months ago, as we said goodbye to 2010, Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar LLC created an IdeaScale site to collect and rank the various market research predictions that are always so abundant at the end of the year. In total, 748 votes from 93 visitors – many of whom identified themselves as working for … Continued