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President Trump and Tech Innovation: Three Things You Need to Know

Trump and Tech Innovation

How will Trump affect innovation? How will the presidency of Donald Trump impact innovation? It’s a tough question to consider. While he’s met with tech industry heads and even invited several, like Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick of Uber, to a working group about the economy, “predictable” isn’t something one can anticipate from Trump. Furthermore, Presidents tend … Continued

5 Trends that Will Impact Your Innovation Strategy in 2017

trends that will impact your innovation strategy

2017 offers new frontiers in innovation. Innovation stops for nothing, and often changes everything. But innovation and change are not simple cause and effect: Often trends can affect how, in what industries, and where we innovate. What are the trends that will impact your innovation strategy in 2017? Anti-AI Sentiment Human beings have never liked … Continued

Crowdsourcing Is Changing Our Approach to Food

More and more people are considering the food that they put into their bodies and how those choices also effect the environment. People are learning about how their food is made, where it comes from, and what effect it has on their bodies. And now we are also learning about how we can participate in … Continued