Not Another Fundraiser

Not another fundraiser, kid. I can’t take it. I’m all out of room for festive Christmas wrapping paper, I absolutely cannot justify buying more candy and further violating my diet, [...]

Not Another Fundraiser2022-04-05T20:44:55+00:00

What’s the Haps with Crowdfunding?

This November the House of Representatives passed HR 2930 (the “Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act,” a bill that allows startups the ability to utilize crowdfunding in order to source capital). [...]

What’s the Haps with Crowdfunding?2022-04-05T20:44:54+00:00

The Big Picture

It’s a new year, which means that we can continue to be aware of what sorts of changes the coming year will bring (even as we seemingly march towards the [...]

The Big Picture2022-04-05T19:52:48+00:00

A Crowd of Investors

Late last month, American Public Media announced their acquisition of Spot.Us (a crowdfunded journalism site). The Spot.Us mission is to support and commission topics that are sometimes passed over or [...]

A Crowd of Investors2022-04-05T20:44:53+00:00

Artists and Entrepreneurs Find Solutions in Crowdfunding

In the current frosty economic climate, many entrepreneurs and artists are finding themselves in a funding wasteland, waiting for fiscally brighter days when grants and investors are less tight-fisted. Thanks [...]

Artists and Entrepreneurs Find Solutions in Crowdfunding2022-04-05T15:18:04+00:00